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Brad Allen

Brad Allen

I am an experienced Business, Project and People Manager. I am also an accredited performance coach/mentor and skilled facilitator.

Since 1993, I’ve been bringing people, technology and process together. I’ve worked across functional, geographic and cultural boundaries to deliver over 50 business reengineering, software development and IT transformation projects. I’ve helped launch five businesses and three new business units.

  • 6 years leading corporate IT change programs;
  • 10 years leading enterprise IT system and software integration services;
  • 3.5 years building educational software;
  • 3 plus years coaching and facilitating senior managers.

The projects I’ve managed include solutions for Eircom, ESB, Eirgrid, Forfás, Radio Telefìs Èireann, and Cork County Council, as well as the guiding of a 30 strong geographically spread team of software developers in Houghton Mifflin Harcourt from Waterfall to Agile Scrum.

In 2014, I formally branched into coaching and facilitation. Since then, I have delivered coaching and mentoring to individual senior managers within several organisations, including GE Healthcare and Trend Micro. I’ve also facilitated group learning across multinationals covering offices in Ireland, the UK, Mexico and Czech Republic.

My focus is helping others perform better and achieve better outcomes. As well as measurable success in this regard I have a rich experience of Corporate life, specifically in driving and managing technology adoption within corporate environments, designing and delivering IT solutions, and facilitating agile based web software development.

I help build the pieces that create change. I bring creativity, discipline and professionalism to the management, coaching and facilitation of businesses and their leaders. My strengths include creativity, honesty, having perspective and being persistent. And, above all I give a damn. My approach motivates and helps create the momentum to bring about real change.


European Mentoring and Coaching Council Accredited Practitioner European Mentoring and Coaching Council

I am an accredited practitioner with the EMCC and I subscribe to the EMCC Diversity Policy and Code of Ethics (see www.emccouncil.org)



I have a can-do-attitude and hands-on approach, having employed a multitude of coaching tools, business models and frameworks, and used project management philosophies from, the early incarnations of Prince and PMBOK, to Waterfall and to Agile Scrum. I consider continuous improvement as a matter of course and I am skilled at understanding and transforming sales, business and delivery processes and technology.

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Clarity from Complexity


I am a Director of Cogtio. Cogtio, provide Jess™ licencing, training, certification and support.

Cogtio is the single master license holder and are licenced to use Jess™ and to train, certify and licence others to use Jess™.


Jess is a methodology and a set of physical tools. It helps people to perform at their best and stay well through life and work stressors. Jess™ Programs enhances the ability of coaches, counsellors and facilitators to help individuals and teams understand what will help them growth and retain resilience.

Visit jess.global to learn more about how we enable resilience building.

Contact me at Cogtio to learn more about how I help other to perform at their best and stay well through life and work stressors.

Solving complex problems

Starfish Taylor

I do Freelance Facilitation work with Starfish Taylor.

Starfish Taylor helps large, multi-national organizations solve complex problems through creatively designed, artistically-inspired, event-based consulting projects, meetings and workshops, and targeted advisory services.

Contact Brad at +353 (0)21 234 8008 or via info@SimplyEffective.ie to learn more about how Starfish Taylor is helping organisations solve complex problems.

Improving performance

Kingstown College ECSL

I am also an associate of Kingstown College ECSL. I join a talented team of coaches, trainers and facilitators in helping develop the knowledge, skills, behaviours and attitudes of managers and other professionals across a wide range of organisations.

Contact Me at +353 (0)21 234 8008 or via info@SimplyEffective.ie to learn more about how Simply Effective is working with Kingstown College ECSL to help improve performance.

In the Beginning…

TPAssist (Time & Productivity assistant) started life as a means to deliver customisations and templates for Mindjet Mindmanager®. MindManager was then as it is today, the market leader in the mind mapping software Market. As Mindjet evolved their software into the powerful business tool that it is today, the need for customisations diminished. The search for new ways to assist with time management and productivity led to David Allen’s Getting Things Done® approach. Initially a complement to the software development, consulting in productivity soon became the primary focus. In 2014 the consulting approach was wound up and out of the embers came Coaching, Mentoring and Facilitation. This focus is now delivered under the banner of Simply Effective.

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